Monday, May 19, 2008

Double Your Fun!

After an exhaustive poll, the verdict is in... NCC members want to stage two meetings a year. One for fun, one for voting on the Reuben Division awards and other chapter business.

Vice Chairman Bucky Jones and I will collaborate on a fall meeting sometime in September/Oct. This will be mainly a social function although we will have at least one speaker and see if we can stage one activity of some kind. No art shows, no plethora of speakers, no expensive dinners or hotels. This is the budget plan for us all to just get together for part of a weekend. We are tentatively planning on Des Moines as our destination. Perhaps every other year we can just meet in Marcelene at Toonfest, thereby reducing the need for a lot of extra planning.

Our next chapter event after this fall will be in March to vote on the division Reuben category we get assigned. This will be a bit more of a real meeting where we will organize a fundraiser (auction?), have some speakers and probably a dinner.

Thanks for the input from everybody.

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