Friday, May 28, 2010

2010 Festival of Cartoon Art at The Ohio State University

October 14-17, 2010

Online registration opens Tuesday, JUNE 1!

Early bird rate: $105
After August 1: $125
Students/Seniors 65+: $25 (Wish I was one of those...)
Participation limited to 275 attendees

Special discount for NCS and AAEC members.
To register by mail, call 614-292-0538

See complete schedule and register online at

Co-sponsored by:
Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum/The Ohio State University Liberaries
and Wexner Center for the Arts

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Jersey Express, now boarding!

Time to get serious, pack your bags, and get ready to hit the trail eastward gang. The New Jersey Express is ready to roll!
Next weekend is the 64th Annual Reuben Awards in Jersey City. While not all of us can attend (sniff-sniff), those of you who will be at the REUBENS ON THE HUDSON have our undying faith that you will keep the good name of the North Central Chapter in mind and know that back home the rest of us are insanely jealous that you got to go and we had to stay here and keep the home fires burning... ARGH!
Gang, have a GREAT TIME and order a cold one courtesy of the Chapter (send the bill to Paul Fell, the keeper of the checkbook). Note: Paul doesn't pay bail bonds so behave yourselves... at least a little.
We'll look forward to full reports with lots of photos.

All the best,
The Big Kahuna, Edholm

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Toon-Ed is calling all students

Ken Alvine sent an email yesterday CALLING FOR STUDENTS to enter the 2010 TOON AWARD EXHIBITION. Spread the word, friends. Let's grow our numbers.