Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Merry Christmas to all...

And to all a "good night."

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Dear Cartoonist,

We’re writing to invite you to contribute to "The Cartoon Crier," a special collaboration between the Center for Cartoon Studies and the National Cartoonists Society (made possible through a generous grant from the NCS Foundation).

“The Cartoon Crier” is a one-shot tabloid newspaper that will explore the relationship between humor and sorrow in comics. The content will consist of comic strips, gags, articles, and illustrations created by NCS members as well as the students, alumni, and faculty of CCS. The release date is March 2012 and the paper will be distributed for free at comics conventions and colleges. The editors hope that "The Cartoon Crier" brings together great work from across the cartooning landscape.

We’re looking for contributions that explore the myriad ways that cartoonists deal with sorrow and loss, from finding relief in humor to wallowing in poetic self-pity. The strips can be new or previously published work. The dimensions of your submission should be approximately daily newspaper cartoon size. Single-panel gags can be approximately square.

There may be some other opportunities for larger strips (half-page and full-page comics). If you are interested in contributing a larger piece, please let us know. If you only have time to draw one panel of a/your cartoon character crying, we'll take it!

The deadline for confirming your participation is January 15, 2012. Final artwork is due on February 28, 2012.

Our budget is limited, so we regret that we cannot pay for print rights, but we will send you copies of the finished paper. Please know that your contribution to this project helps spread the word about the NCS.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns:

Thanks very much!

Your humble editors,

Cole Closser

R. Sikoryak

James Sturm

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I received confirmation today that our newest member, Mr. Kelly McNutt, is now a member of the NCS. Congratulations and welcome, Kelly. We're happy to welcome you aboard.

In recognition of Mr. McNutt's "making the grade", check out one of his latest projects...

ON THE AIR for the BBC.

Kelly did the 2D bits while Club Cocanut Animation Studio (FL) did the 2D character setup and rigging and Flickerpix in Belfast did the stop-motion/claymation. Check this out... its really cool.

In the meantime, when you have a minute, send Kelly a warm welcome to the NCS and the North Central Chapter.
Welcome brother!!!

Your fearless leader,