Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 Reubens (Thank You Tom!)

(Illustration by Ed Steckley)

The NCS just finished it's annual awards weekend where dozens of the country's top cartoonists changed out of their sweatpants into tuxedos for the most prestigious event in cartooning. This year the festivities were in Washington, DC. (I should clarify that the awards were for work that was done in 2014, but the ceremony was held in 2015). Visit the National Cartoonists Society website for a complete list of winners and nominees.

A big congrats to all the nominees, and especially the winners. Chapter member Tom Richmond won a silver Reuben Award in the category of Magazine Illustration.

Tom also deserves a standing ovation for his tireless work as the President of the National Cartoonists Society. Tom has now officially handed that responsibility over to Bill Morrison. Thank you, Tom, for all your tireless work keeping the NCS circus train rambling smoothly down the tracks.

Before handing over the mantle, Tom ended his tenure with a touch of class. Each table at the Reuben awards banquet was decorated with an original framed sketch of one of our nation's presidents, framed and displayed beautifully by Tom's wife Anna. You can read about it on Tom's blog.

Tom, we hope you enjoy some well-deserved rest!