Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reubens Report

The NCC was well represented at this year's Reubens awards, with new member and first time attendee David Mowder taking home a divisional award for Greeting Cards, and myself batting .500 by winning for Advertising Illustration. Several other NCC members were in attendence and I think we all had a great time... although my sunburn from the Habitat for Humanity project on Friday is still killing me.

See my blog for an overview of the event, with lots of incriminating pictures!


Little Chin Burger said...

Thanks so much for sharing about the Reuben Weekend, Tom. I have read nothing but glowing reports and any personal correspondence I have had with those who attended, were likewise, glowing.__Man, it makes me so bumped I was not able to be there. I miss so much seeing all my NCS friends and meeting new friends. Congrats on your win and all the fine work done for the Habitat For Humanity!

Mike Edholm said...

So it was Peters who stole my SUPERMAN pajamas. ARGH!