Friday, April 25, 2008

Fall or Winter Meeting?

For a number of years now the North Central Chapter has been meeting in the fall for our annual chapter get together. I am not sure why this time of year was chosen, but suspect it was because winter is a precarious and ugly travel time for us tundra dwellers.

The odd thing is that March is the only time of year we have any official duty to perform for the NCS... our Reuben divisional voting. Doesn't it make sense to plan a late March meeting to do our divisional jury and also have our annual meeting? Does beer taste better in September or October than it does in March? Do we plan on camping outdoors?

What do you as members think about this? Should we switch to late March for our meeting time?


felltoons said...

Changing from November to March for the annual chapter meeting time sound fine to me. I like the idea of combining the Reuben judging with the regular meeting agenda.

I do think, though, that we should decide on, say 3 central locations and rotate them. We have tried for years and years to move the meeting location around the chapter territory with various degrees of success. Let's arrive at a location like Omaha, KC, or Lincoln so members can plan on the annual gathering being there every year.

Eric Scott said...

I vote for March.

Ted Goff said...

March is fine with me. I don't mind traveling to Minneapolis.

Tom R said...

we don;t need to have it in Minneapolis. I think Paul has the right idea in that it would be easier to set up two or three permanent locations that rotate to have the meeting, rather than attempting to move it about so much. That way we know very much in advance where and approximately when.

Cedric said...

I'm not opposed to March, but I do like meeting twice a year instead of once. Our chapter is so large and spread out that the annual meetings are the only times most of us see each other. It would be fun to meet twice a year instead of once. But I also realize how much work and effort goes into putting something together, so if we decide once a year in March I'm fine with that.

If we move it to march, does that mean we wouldn't get together this fall?

Tom R said...

There's nothing wrong with two meetings a year, but I would call one "offical" and the other more of a social thing. The "offical" meeting can take place in March, and include our Reuben divisional voting. A fall meeting can be organized with just an evening of frivolity, a day of some activity or event (like a comic con or similar) and then an evening dinner somewhere. No need for a major speaking lineup.

felltoons said...

I'd love to have two meetings (one "official" and one social) as Tom says, but the big question is, which of us has the ambition to get the "social" gathering organized? I'd certainly be happy to host it in Lincoln in the fall (on a weekend when the Huskers are on the road and the hotels are desperate for business).

Also, do keep in mind that the annual Disney Hometown Toonfest in N. Central Missouri would be a great venue for our "social" meeting. We wouldn't have to do anything in terms of organizing, and the Toonfest organizers would be thrilled to have us there and would treat us like kings, as those who have been there can attest.

L. C. Burger said...

Forgive my delay in piping in on this subject. It's Prom and Graduation time around my house, so my time has not been my own.
I am all for the proposal of two meetings a year (one official & one social). I also like the idea of three rotating locations for these meetings, because as anyone who has organized one of these gatherings knows, you need a bit of a break before signing up to organize another one___and, if we knew year to year where it was going to be, it would be easier to plan far in advance for such trips. Plus, with the Reubens becoming more and more of a financial stretch for some of us, getting together with you mugs is a highlight for sad as that sounds. Ha!
As for Marceline, I am not opposed to that being considered for one of our meetings, as long as it is not a permanent fixture.
Like Paul, I am not against trying to organize a SOCIAL gathering in Des Moines sometime. Our table dancers are a bit hefty, but still.___I'm kidding, I'm kidding. No table dancers. Just good ol' fun.

Tom R said...

Okay, well how about a social gathering this fall just for the fun and beers. Cheap hotel found, icebreaker in a nearby bar on Friday night, some kind of activity on Saturday (museum, speaker, etc.) dinner on Saturday night, more drinking, go our own way in tears on Sunday.

In March we meet for real, do the business meeting and elect our officals, vote on the divisional Reubens, have a dinner and then go our own way in tears the next day.