Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time for CARTOON!ST submissions

I got an email from Frank Pauer yesterday. He said that stories for our chapter are due ... yesterday. This is the schedule he's been working under lately. Does this sound familiar? (It sure does to me! ARGH!) So given that we're all far too busy, Frank extended the deadline to Friday, April 16.
If you would, send me your stories — what you're doing, cartoon-wise, and I'll put them together and shoot them off the Frank. Email works best, please.
If you would, please get them to me BEFORE Friday. Tuesday is always nice. Gives me a day or two for word-smithing.

Hope you all are doing well. We're working on the Fall Meeting plans as well as the Disney Toonfest. Stay tuned — more on that later.

Your benevolent kahuna,

PS - Some of your email addresses have "errored out." Get me an EMAIL UPDATE as soon as you can, please. Nice to have the list up to date. Thanks