Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sioux Falls is right around the corner!

You got Ken's email (Sept 4) about the hotel reservations... right?
Here's the reminder that the Holiday Inn City Center (where we'll be meeting) needs your reservation by Sept 11 (TUESDAY) if you want the $94 per night room rate. Don't wait! Call them NOW if you don't have your room — 605-339-2000 and be sure to mention "National Cartoonist Society."

If you need any other additional info, contact Ken Alvine at or by phone at 605-366-9434 or his cell at 605-310-0780. He's the go-to-guy on this.
Also, for those who are attending would you please send Ken one of your drawing that he can have copied off. You can use this art to autograph instead of doing a new drawing for all the request you will receive for a drawing and autograph.

If you are planning on attending Ken would appreciate it if you would let him know.
It is going to be a great meeting.

Thank you.