Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NEWS- New NCC Vice Chairman

Current North Central Chapter vice-chairman and beloved pal Oliver Christianson has stepped down from his highly paid position due to reasons not pertaining to leaked memos or misappropriated campaign funds. Oliver is in fact stepping away from the NCS and our little chapter due to a busy life and the demands of a daughter in college. We'll miss Oliver greatly.

Our own Bucky Jones has stupidly agreed to step in as vice-chairman for the remainder of Oliver's term at half pay ( zero x .5= zero) and double workload. Thanks for stepping up, sucker... uh..., I mean Bucky!

Plans have not been set for this fall's annual chapter meeting, but there are discussions about moving said meeting to March so we can also use the get together to do our jury voting for whatever divisional Reuben category we are given. Anyone with thoughts on that idea feel free to comment here or e-mail them to myself or Bucky... preferably Bucky.


L. C. Burger said...

"...preferably Bucky."___ I don't like you, Tom Richmond. I don't like you one bit.

Ted Goff said...

Congratulations, Bucky! At last we have a Vice Chairman with a funny name!

L. C. Burger said...

"At last we have a Vice Chairman with a funny name!"___ I don't like you, Ted Goff. I don't like you one bit.