Thursday, December 6, 2007

Recent Work

Well, I guess I can get things started. I wanted to try out the image uploader anyway.

If anyone has visited my blog recently they've seen this. It's a cover for Junior Scholastic magazine... a bit of a departure for me from my usual caricature-related stuff.

I uploaded this directly from my computer. It's the "large" selected size, so I guess it doesn't matter the size of your original file... it will resize it to suit. Just make sure the file you try to upload is either a JPEG or GIF.

On closer inspection, it looks like the image placed in the post is a link to the full sized image you uploaded, so still best to keep it about 500 pixels wide. If anybody wants assistance with posting, images or whatever, just e-mail me.

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swanie said...

Hi Tom,

First, thanks for setting this up.

Second, a suggestion ... take it or leave it ... you can add feedburner to this blog ( ... it walks you through the blogger setup ...

Nice thing is you can allow people to get e-mail notification of when a post is added to the blog. It also let's you get traffic stats to the blog (if you're interested in that sort of stuff).

For what it's worth ...