Friday, December 7, 2007

Chapter Meeting Pics

Here's a few snapshots I took from our Chapter Meeting last month in Kansas City. If anyone else has any photos, go ahead and post 'em!

Bill Amend is awarded the Golden Slide Rule.

A few chapter members kick back and debate the deep social issues of our time such as “Which flavor of Pop Tarts is the best?” (I vote cherry.)

David Mowder gave a neat presentation discussing his licensing work for Hallmark.

Bucky Jones and Ken Alvine.

Chris Grine and Ted Goff.

Tom Richmond proudly displays a shirt he won at the raffle.


Tom said...

I was depressed to discover when I got home that Hoops and YoYo shirt I won didn't actually fit me... apparently it is meant for a 13 year old girl. I thought it made me look fat.

TommyK said...

I coulda told you that from the picture. But it is so you.