Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Email Holiday Greeting

Since Paul asked us to share our greeting cards...well, our family one is not back from the printer, yet...but I did do this one yesterday. It is not a mailer but stressly for email purposes. I emailed it to all my clients and some potential clients.
Kinda cute-z....not my usual.


felltoons said...

Wow, Bucky... this is pretty clean stuff... for you.

Did I miss something? Is the snowman actually doing the elf, who's doing the rabbit? Oh, never mind. I already know the answer, thong boy.

Tom R said...

Good grief, Bucky. There's no place for porn at Christmas!

Little Chin Burger said...

Tom and Paul, I hope Santa dumps in your stockings. I mean, I hope he dumps lots of fun stuff in your stockings.