Friday, January 13, 2012

While you're in Las Vegas...

I received this email from Bill Kellogg, yesterday. He thought some of us might be interested.

Greetings Fellow NCS Members!

Chad and I (Tundra cartoonist & Tundra marketing guy) hosted a seminar in Vegas a year or so ago on how to make money with comics and it went over extremely well. Now, due to popular request, and the fact that it gets really cold in Alaska in February, we're going to do it again.

If you (or anyone you know) would like to learn how to make more money with your comics, join us in Las Vegas this February 24th, 25th & 26th for the 2nd annual Success in the World of Comics seminar. Syndicated cartoonists are welcome too. There will be fourteen speakers over two days, sharing their knowledge on how to make money with comics. Topics include: How to get syndicated, self-syndicating, web comics, producing & marketing products, licensing, animation, building a Facebook following, and much more. There will be social get-togethers each night too with free beer, wine and snacks so you will have plenty of time to talk one-on-one with the speakers and other guests.

This Years’ speakers are:

Chad Carpenter & Bill Kellogg – (Tundra Comics)
Jack Newcombe – (President of Creator’s Syndicate)
Tom Gammill – (The Simpsons)
Mell Lazarus – (Momma and Miss Peach)
Rob Tornoe – (Editorial and Sports cartoonist. Editor and Publisher of Punchline magazine)
Adrian Raeside (The Other Coast, and writer for children’s shows such as Kid vs. Kat)
Mark Parisi & Lynn Reznik – (Off the Mark)
Mason Mastroianni – (B.C. Cartoonist and Emmy Award winning animator)
Mick Mastroianni – (Writer for B.C., Wizard of Id and Dogs of C Kennel)
John Read – (Publisher of Stay Tooned magazine)
Daniele Corsetto - (Girls With Slingshots – web comic)
Debbra Abeyta – (Newspaper pagination with Vertis)

For more details and information, click here:

NCS members can attend for just $300 too. That’s $75 off the regular price. Click here to register:

The seminar will also be covered by Alan Gardner of The Daily Cartoonist. Visit and type “seminar” in the search box to see his write-up from the last seminar and read the comments from the attendees.

For questions or more information, please contact Bill Kellogg at 907-441-6882 or

Thank you,


Bill Kellogg
Marketing Director
Tundra Comics

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