Wednesday, January 11, 2012

February Judging Meeting

We have a slight change of plans ... as it turns out, the weekend of February 18 happens to be the Iowa State Wrestlemania weekend. We're toast! There isn't a hotel room to be had and the ones that are, we wouldn't want and cost more than plastic surgery.

So it's on the Plan B — Bucky is coordinating rooms and rates for the following weekend, February 25. We'll run in on Friday night. Then Saturday morning start the judging. Those who want to stay another night can work that out with Bucky and the hotel. Otherwise, after lunch there may be a small meeting to discuss upcoming Chapter stuff as well as NCS stuff, including the Reubens Award Weekend in Las Vegas.

As details begin to firm up I'll post them on the blog and send you emails. If I miss anybody, my apologizes and please tell them to go to the blog or call (or email) me.

See you soon.
Your fearless leader,

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