Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From 2D to 3D

This summer I've been working with a 3D animator/rendering in developing a project for one of my clients. We took a 2D character and turned it into a 3D model. The character, named PHOTON (watch out, he's copyrighted), is rigged for computer animation. The 2D rendering is mine. From there I handed it over to Andrew along with some character development sketches. He took it from there. The two other images are his. This has been a terrific learning experience for me. I want to thank my friend and render buddy, Andrew Frye. Andy, you rock!

... Now I'm just trying to find the time to start "playing" with the software program that we used to create the 3D model of PHOTON. Heck! I'm still trying to find time to build my website from the UNDER CONSTRUCTION page. (

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toonfest Meeting Schedule and Headcount

The official schedule for our fall meeting is shaping up. The Toonfest folks are very happy the NCC is coming to the event and have invited NCC members to several special private events and gatherings over the weekend.

Fees for attending the chapter meeting are a measly $20.00, and includes our chapter lunch and admission to the following:
  • Thurs. eve., Sept. 18: Farmsite outdoor buffet reception for Toonfest headliners and NCC meeting attendees.
  • Fri. eve., Sept. 19th: Vehicle caravan to Johnson-Malins river cabin/lodge home for buffet dinner party.
  • Sat. noon, Sept. 20th: NCC chapter meeting and lunch in Marceline.
  • Sat. eve: Outdoor event Malins’ former Disney family home and farmsite. Dreaming Tree ceremony, cartoonists autograph Disney barn, headliners tree plantings, outdoor barbecue - buffet dinner.
The rest of the weekend we are of course free to enjoy all Toonfest activities including the speaker presentations at the Uptown Theater both on Student day (Fri) and Saturday afternoon, the parade on Saturday Morning, the cartoon art exhibt, etc.

All the money collected for chapter meeting fees will go to the Toonfest folks to help offset their generosity in inviting us to all their special events.

What we need ASAP is a head count of all who intend to attend the meeting. Fees can be paid at the event... we just need your "yea" or "nay", especially for planning the private chapter lunch. Email me at ASAP with your response.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fall Meeting Schedule

Thanks to our Treasurer Paul Fell for putting this schedule together:

NCC Fall Chapter Meeting:
Saturday, September 20

10am-5pm Toonfest Cartoon exhibit open- Masonic Hall

10-11am Toonfest Parade on Main St.

11-12:30 N. Central chapter members meeting and lunch.

12:30-5pm Guest Cartoonists do their presentations at the Uptown Theatre on Main St.
This event is free and open to the public.

Following the Uptown Theatre program, NCS N. Central members are invited to a special tree planting ceremony featuring past and present guest cartoonists at the arboretum at the former Disney family farm. Following the tree planting, guests are invited to sign their names inside the recreated Disney barn. These activities will be followed by a post-Toonfest party and entertainment with plenty of food and drink at the former Disney home.

For N. Central members who might be arriving on Friday, Sept. 19, you are invited to attend a pre-Toonfest party at the river cabin of Wally and Kaye Malins, Toonfest organizers. This private party includes Toonfest volunteers and this year's cartoonist Headliners. Plan to meet between 4:30 and 5 pm at the Toonfest office, 207 N. Main St. so we can carpool out to the cabin.

We will need a head count ASAP of chapter members who plan to be at the Friday event and those who plan to attend on Saturday. Please contact Tom or Paul directly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NCC Fall Meeting at Toonfest in Marceline

After plans for a fall meeting later in the fall in Des Moines were scuttled, your North Central Chapter board has elected to plan our annual fall meeting to coincide with the Walt Disney Hometown Toonfest on Saturday, September 20th in Marceline, MO. Several NCC members are helping to organize the Toonfest events and art show, and many members are already planning on attending Toonfest with it's great lineup of guest speakers and other activities. This year's speakers include "Speedbump" creator Dave Coverly, "Stone Soup" cartoonist Jan Eliot, "Luanne" writer/artist Greg Evans and "The Norm" creator Michael Jantze. NCC members will be welcomed with open arms by the Toonfest organizers.

An exact schedule of events will be forthcoming, but the actual meeting will likely take place over a chapter lunch on Saturday the 2oth, possibly catered at some nearby location. Costs to attend will be low, probably in the $10.00 range which includes the lunch. Other activities will be incorporated within the events of Toonfest. Details will be posted here as soon as they are set.

Make your plans to attend ASAP, as the event is only a little over a month away. The preference is to book a room at the following hotel in nearby Chillicothe:

The Grand River Inn
Highway 36 & 65
Chillicothe, Missouri 64601

Room rates for double occupancy are about $70 per night base. The hotel is 37 miles from Marceline. You can get more info about the hotel online but you must call the hotel directly for reservations. A Friday arrival and Sunday departure is recommended.

Look for more details here as they become available.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Disney Hometown ToonFest needs YOUR cartoons!

As a number of you know, I am a volunteer with the annual Walt Disney Hometown ToonFest in Marceline, Missouri. Part of my duties involve helping round up cartoon art for the annual cartoon exhibit that runs during the Toonfest weekend of September 19-20.

The focal point of the weekend is always the presentations by cartoonists we bring in as guest speakers. In past years we have had many NCS members as headliners, including Jim Borgman, Ann Telnaes, Glenn and Gary McCoy, Mike Peters, and Chris Browne, just to mention a few.

I am personally contacting you to participate by sending one or two cartoons for the ToonFest weekend exhibit. If you prefer, you can send prints of your work, especially in the case of those of us who now work in color. Cartoons need to be matted or mounted on mat board with a 2” or 3” border. We would need your work in the Toonfest office no later than Monday, September 15. Following the Toonfest weekend, event organizers will ship your cartoons back to you at their expense.

This is the 10th Anniversary Walt Disney Hometown ToonFest, so I am hoping to make this year’s cartoon exhibit the best yet. You can visit the Toonfest web site at

Please let me know via email if you will be able to take time to send one or two cartoons to this exhibit. If you can be a part of our cartoon exhibit, I will contact you with information as to where and when to send in your work.

Send your matted cartoons to the ToonFest office and they will not only handle it with EXTREME CARE, but they will be sure to CAREFULLY ship your artwork back to you, at no charge. So join in the fun of the Disney ToonFest, be seen by hundreds, if not thousands of adoring fans (and celebrities; we're still trying to get John Lassiter to come to the ToonFest) and be an inspiration to all the kids who see this stuff and say, "That's what I wanna do when I grow up."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You Write The Caption

This photo was taken by a friend of mine at a recent event in Minneapolis. Over at my blog I've got a "You Write The Caption" contest going. No prizes, it's just for fun. Let's see what you cartoonists can come up with.