Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toonfest Meeting Schedule and Headcount

The official schedule for our fall meeting is shaping up. The Toonfest folks are very happy the NCC is coming to the event and have invited NCC members to several special private events and gatherings over the weekend.

Fees for attending the chapter meeting are a measly $20.00, and includes our chapter lunch and admission to the following:
  • Thurs. eve., Sept. 18: Farmsite outdoor buffet reception for Toonfest headliners and NCC meeting attendees.
  • Fri. eve., Sept. 19th: Vehicle caravan to Johnson-Malins river cabin/lodge home for buffet dinner party.
  • Sat. noon, Sept. 20th: NCC chapter meeting and lunch in Marceline.
  • Sat. eve: Outdoor event Malins’ former Disney family home and farmsite. Dreaming Tree ceremony, cartoonists autograph Disney barn, headliners tree plantings, outdoor barbecue - buffet dinner.
The rest of the weekend we are of course free to enjoy all Toonfest activities including the speaker presentations at the Uptown Theater both on Student day (Fri) and Saturday afternoon, the parade on Saturday Morning, the cartoon art exhibt, etc.

All the money collected for chapter meeting fees will go to the Toonfest folks to help offset their generosity in inviting us to all their special events.

What we need ASAP is a head count of all who intend to attend the meeting. Fees can be paid at the event... we just need your "yea" or "nay", especially for planning the private chapter lunch. Email me at tom@tomrichmond.com ASAP with your response.

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