Monday, September 22, 2008

Toonfest 2008 Chapter Meeting

We had a small but enthusiastic group of NCC members show up in Marceline during Toonfest for our fall meeting.

North Central Chapter
North Central Chapter members (L to R): Mike Edholm, Me, Cedric Honstadt, Ted Goff, Paul Fell, Eric Scott, Scott Holmes

Our meeting was very productive. We raised the following issues and voted on each:
  • Our annual meeting will be switched to March of each year to accommodate voting on the division we are assigned for the Reubens
  • This year's meeting will be in Lincoln, NE
  • A new officer post was created "Executive Vice Chairman"
  • The Executive is responsible for providing all alcohol for future meetings
  • Bucky Jones was voted into permanent office as Executive Vice Chairman
The Toonfest folks were very hospitable as usual. All the NCC members were invited to the private parties and functions where we were fed and watered until we could eat no more. What a great time. Special thanks to Mike, Paul and Bill (who couldn't make it) for helping organize the whole thing.

I have published a blog post detailing the Toonfest event and our participation in it. Check it out.


Ted Goff said...

Great blog post on your other blog, Tom. How did you find time for it? I'm suspicious that you were typing on your laptop on the dashboard while you were driving home. I'm glad you're not spending the next 60 days in a hole-in-the-wall hoosegow in Iowa.

Tom R said...

I did get pulled over while typing and driving at the same time, but the cop was so amazed that I had "reedin' and writin' skills" he let me go with a warning.

Little Chin Burger said...

Okay, you guys, one more Iowa comment and I ship some of the contents of the hog confinement that I shoveled this morning to each of you. _ And, Tom, Kum'N'Go caught you on video licking the Slim Jims and then putting them back.

Mike Edholm said...

NCC Members (L-R) names: Me? Tom, you can't be Me. I'm ME. You can be Tom or TR but not ME. It just doesn't work... speaking initially, that is.