Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Blog Is Back!

Dear North Central Chapter Members,

After a much needed Winter snooze, the North Central Chapter blog is finally back, up 'n' running. While most NCC members are still nestled away in their respective Mid-West caves: meeting deadlines, finishing off thrice-re-heated holiday feasts, and making "one last trip" to the cookie jar (not really the last one, is it?), most everyone is looking forward to the big thaw when we can all drag our drawing tables outside, wasting time the good ol' fashioned way with a pen in one hand and a drink in the other.

As we move into the New Year, you're all reminded that ANY North Central Chapter member is welcome to post about NCC news here on the blog (you and your work), and if you don't have access feel free to e-mail me to set things up. We REALLY want to hear from you and what great things you're up to. If you'd like to add your name or business to the list of Tooner Links on the right-side of the blog (and don't see it), let us know, as well.

Otherwise, enjoy what's left of the (illusion of the) dwindling holiday season, keep warm, and keep up with all them deadlines...! - We'll see you back here on the newly restored NCC blog next week for more news, fun, and updates. -- Until then, keep us posted.... And for God's sake, put the cap back on that ink bottle before you spill it on that commission!


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