Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Electing New Officers


As was mentioned at the Fall Meeting, Paul and I are stepping down from our posts and letting you nominate candidates for the posts of Chair and Treasurer of the North Central Chapter. For those thinking about throwing their hat into the ring, we thought you'd be interested in what some, if not all, of those duties entail.

Once the two new officers have been selected from an election, that we'll be putting together once nominations have been submitted, Paul and I will, out of the kindness of our hearts, be available to address questions from time to time.

If you think you have what it takes (and it ain't much) to be the next Chair or Treasurer of the North Central Chapter, submit your name to myself and/or Paul. We'll put the list together. Nominations will be accepted now until December 1, 2013.

Organize chapter meetings
Fall meeting
Reuben Judging meeting
Miscellaneous meetings and events as they occur
Participates in the chapter chairs meeting at the Reubens
If unable to attend, appoint a stand in who will report back to the chair
Write Chapter Happenings for The Cartoon!st magazine
Keep chapter membership roster current and report to NCS/Crow-Segal
Necessary for the annual reimbursement from NCS
Reports to NCS on chapter events
Go-between for chapter and the NCS

Keep track of expenses
Collect money at events
Make sure that the reimbursement from NCS is collected
Pay the bills
Maintain the checkbook; keep a balance
Report on finances at chapter meeting

— ME

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