Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NCS membership slippages

Good morning gang,

While trying to get the details of our membership roster up-to-date with those fine folks at Crow-Segal, we've discovered that a few members have chosen to drop out while others have neglected to pay their dues.

If you should decide that the NCS is no longer where you want to be, and for the life of me I can't imagine why that would be, PLEASE let me know. No, I won't try to strong-arm you into staying... I have Paul Fell to do that. (He'll whine you to death.) Also, PLEASE, OH PLEASE get those dues paid up. As our chapter funds are closely tied into the dues that are paid to the NCS, if you don't pay, we, the chapter, suffer financially. So help us out and stay in touch.

Remember, the North Central Facebook page is always open for business. Feel free to post a note, video, or photo/artwork. Please keep it clean though. Facebook don't like that kind of stuff and I'll have to explain what the dirty words mean to Fell. Ugh!


PS — And speaking of April 6, if you have somebody that you think might be a good NCS or North Central Chapter member, this is a great opportunity to throw them in the deep end of the pool ... er, to bring them along and meet the group. If they're interested in being a cartoonist and have some samples, encourage them to bring a few pieces for use to rip to shreds.

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