Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stop Mickey Mousing around...


It's been a month, that's 30-days in cartoonist speak, and Paul's getting wild. We need examples of your incredible artwork for the Disney Toonfest and we need it now! Come on gang, it's not that tough. You've done it before. The Toonfest needs our support.
So far only five members have sent art. You have the details of what we're looking for.

This time it's even easier. Just EMAIL 2 or 3 electronic files to Paul Fell at (or me, that we can print off (color or black and white; 300 dpi would be preferred) or PACK UP 2 or 3 originals (matted or mounted, please) and get them off to the Toonfest office.

Disney Toonfest
207 Main Street USA
Marceline MO 64658


And, as always, the Toonfest will pay to return all mailed artwork (back to you).

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