Sunday, June 24, 2012

STAY TOONED! needs your help...

Hey gang,

John Read is 19 votes away from qualifying for his grant to keep STAY TOONED magazine afloat. If you like the magazine, sign on to John's LinkedIN page and cast your vote. The voting part is the hardest part...

When you get to the MISSION: Small Business page, under LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK TO SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY there's a link that reads "Log In With Facebook". Click on that. That will take you to the VOTE LOCAL! page.

At the bottom fill in the BUSINESS NAME box with the name that John gave you: STAY TOONED! MAGAZINE. (Don't forget the ! or it won't work).

Next select John's state: Mississippi and his city: Madison.

Then hit the search button and VOTE. That's it.

You know what a big promoter of cartooning John has been over the years. Now its our turn to help him out. Come on and lend a hand!

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