Monday, August 8, 2011

Fall Meeting update...

THIS IS IMPORTANT... A quick note to all those attending the Fall Chapter meeting in Minnesota — we're going to have to put the touch on you. Yeah, yeah, I know..."It's the economy, stupid!" Well, in this case "it's the dinner at O'Gara's, bozo."
We're collecting $20 from each attendee to cover addition costs for the dinner at O'Gara's. Even if you're back at the hotel, drinking your dinner, we need the @ $20. The Chapter is covering a lot of costs for this meeting (no, not the bar bill) so a couple bucks won't kill ya.

AND... As we will have one or two tables at the FallCon, those of you with books, reproductions, etc. to sell, bring 'em! (That means you, John. Remember Omaha?) The Chapter gets ten-percent. (I think Fell is bringing his Model A Ford Pick Up Truck.)

JUST ONE MORE THING... If you have an original piece of your art that you'd be willing to contribute to the Chapter Raffle, please bring it along.

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