Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Reuben Judging time again...

Yupper, it's that time again, Tooners!
Reuben Judging and we've been tapped to judge the GAG CAROON division.
Entries are due by Feb 6, and once again my address is showing the WRONG ZIP CODE, so I'm bound to get a few emails, phone calls, death threats, because somebody didn't change it from 08512 to the correct code, 68512. (If anybody asks, please give them the right one. I'd appreciate it. Also, NE is not New England... argh!)
Anyway, back to business...
Let me know if you have any trouble with the weekend of Feb 25-26, to meet in Omaha, NE. I've asked Hal France, executive director at THE KANEKO if we could borrow a few feet of their wonderful space to do our judging. Remember how great they were to us last October? And its close to all those wonderful restaurants (and bars) in the Old Market. I'm still getting thank-you notes from M's Pub...
Anyway, I'll let you know how things shape up as we draw nearer, but mark your calendars for Feb 25-26. We'll meet on the 25th (a Friday), then start the judging early on Saturday morning (26th). I'll also check into some kind of a decent rate on a nearby hotel, motel, or flophouse where those of you coming from afar can shack up for the night.
Please send me an RSVP email (or phone call if need be) to let me know if you can or cannot make it.

See you all soon.
Your exalted ruler,

PS - If you're a GAG CARTOONIST, please come but don't be offended when we ask you to leave the room (or building) when the judging begins. You can't be around for that. Sorry.

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Tom R said...

I should be able to make that!