Sunday, September 27, 2009

11th Annual Disney Toonfest

The fun flowed like the waters of the Missouri River as our fantastic celebrity cartoonists, invited guests, and members of the North Central Chapter brought our own brand of fun to the town of Marceline, in beautiful north central Missouri over the weekend of Sept 18-20. Our celebrity cartoonists included Mark Fiore, Wiley Miller, Dave Mowder, and Sam Viviano. Being in the thick of it, I feel I can safely say that these guys had a ball. At least we hope they did.... The knowledge, experiences, and fun they brought to the Toonfest hosts, the students, the guests, and anybody who just happened to stop by is something that I'm sure all well remember for years to come. Thanks guys.
Here are a few photos from this years Walt Disney Hometown Toonfest (including our arrival on Thursday, Sept 17).

Can't wait until next year!!!


Tom R said...

Great pictures, Mike. So sorry I missed it but I had a commitment in New York City that same weekend. Sam called me the following Monday to tell me how much he enjoyed his time in Marcelene.

Bucky Jones said...

Mike, thanks for sharing the weekend with us. Looks like a great time, as I am sure it was. I regret not being able to attend...but hope like heck to be there next year! Thanks, again, for sharing.

Mike Edholm said...

It was a lot of fun, fellas. I'm glad to hear that Sam had fun, although I could have told you that. He was the life of the party. I'm really glad he could make it along with Wiley (whom I FINALLY got to meet face-to-face), Mark and Dave. We really missed you guys, but don't worry ... we talked about you. (hee-hee) See you this weekend in Sioux Falls.