Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Annual Richmond Cartoonist Cookout

Last Saturday night, Tom and Anna Richmond played host to a few cartoonists along with their spouses, significant others, and children. It was an evening of relaxation, lively conversation, and fine dining ... Minnesota style. The company was terrific, the food was memorable; watching the world-class chef at work was a sight not to be believed. And did I mention the weather? We all agreed — "perfect weather."

For those of you who can make it next year, I strongly suggest that you make plans to do so. You really missed something. For those of you who did make it to this year's gathering, it was a great evening. Wouldn't you say? Glad you were there. It wouldn't have been the same without you.

Thanks Tom and Anna. Great party, guys.


Tom R said...

That was fun. Thanks for coming up from Lincoln, Mike!

Mike Edholm said...

Anytime, Tom. I meant what I said — you and Anna really know how to put together a great little party. Just my speed. Tamara was sorry she couldn't come. Hopefully next time...
You'll note that I did leave the photo of the flying hamburgers out of the post.