Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Revised NCC Chapter Meeting Schedule

NCS Reuben competition rules prohibit anyone but full members of the NCS from being present during the actual judging of the competition. Therefore we have scheduled the judging for Saturday morning, prior to our 1:00 pm full chapter meeting and speakers. Here is our revised schedule for Saturday, February 21st:

8:30 am- Meet at Downtown Holiday Inn for breakfast.
9:15- am- 1:00 pm- Judge our division in private Holiday Inn meeting room.

Scheduled speakers:
  • Cedric Hohnstadt- Minneapolis area illustrator & animator
  • Tom Floyd- veteran comic book artist
  • Jeff Koterba- Omaha World-Herald editorial cartoonist.
1-2pm- Meet at Dish (11th. and O), eat lunch (attendees responsible for purchasing own lunch)

2-5pm- General business meeting and announcements. Some drawing events and activities. First speaker of the day.

5-6:00- Cocktails and dinner (again at attendees own expense)

6:00-????- Our remaining two speakers will make their presentations. This will be followed by socializing into the night.

Participants are responsible for paying for their own food and drink during the Saturday schedule.

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