Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here is my group of students from the 2008 Lux Art Center Cartoon Class. All middle school (what we use to call Junior High) students. We finished the last class last Saturday. Thanks gang. You were GREAT!
- ME


Tom R said...

Mike- You may want to bring a lot of sugary snacks for the next class you do. It really revs them up and by the time their blood sugar crashes you are on your way home and the other teachers have to deal with it!

Mike Edholm said...

Too late, Tom. I already did that. We wrapped up the class a couple weeks ago. Thank goodness, too. They were getting ready to do strange things to me with 4D pencils and X-acto knives.
They did get the Christmas cookies and milk for the last class though.
Merry Christmas to the Richmonds.