Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cedric's Kickstarter: Pose Drawing SparkBook

I've recently launched my first Kickstarter project, the Pose Drawing Sparkbook. It's a new tool to help artists put more life into their poses.

It seems to be getting a very positive response. In the first 48 hours I raised $3,000 (1/3 of my goal), the project has been featured in the "Popular" section of Kickstarter's "Publishing" category, and has had over 800 likes on Tumblr.

To promote the project I'm giving away a free download of 100 sketchbook ideas. No strings attached.

 As you may know, Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. The project only happens if I meet my goal. So if you like the project, please spread the word to your friends. The more people that know about it, the more likely I can make this thing happen.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Michael Jantze's 'Knocked Out Loaded' graphic novel coming soon

A new chapter in Michael Jantze's 'The Norm' will be available soon as a graphic novel. 'Knocked Out Loaded' was originally published in 2007 to five days a week as a color daily strip. Written as a long-form story using short-form techniques, the story is 80% complete and will be fully completed soon thanks to a successful (and ongoing) Indegogo campaign set to end on August 1, 2013. Michael is a vocal and passionate advocate of storytelling and cartooning - please spread the word about this exciting endeavor to help the project reach its exciting stretch-goals. Cheers!

Monday, July 8, 2013

NCS at Comic-Con International 2013 — Reserve your spot today!

Hello NCS Member!

The National Cartoonists Society will once again have a booth set up at the San Diego Comic Con this year, July 18th-21st at the San Diego Convention Center. As always, any member in good standing who will be attending SDCC is welcome to come by the booth to set up and do some sketches, sell some books and original art, or just to chat up the passers-by and promote their latest project. We have an excellent location and a big, eye-catching booth in spaces 1307-1309.

As nice as the booth is, it's a little tight in there if too many members come by at the same time, or stay too long. We can only accommodate a few cartoonists at a time. Some members have come by only to find there is no room for them, and other times the booth is mostly deserted. One common problem is that someone commandeers an area and squats there for the entire weekend, spreading their wares out and leaving them there even when they leave for breaks. It's been obvious we need a more structured approach to this.

We are going to stick to a strict sign up and assigned seat schedule this year. The layout of the booth is attached. Spots are available for reservations on the following schedule:

Wed (Preview Night):

Hours not posted yet, but assume one shift for each chair

Thurs, Fri and Sat:




These two hour blocks will be assigned to different cartoonists on a first come-first served basis. You tell us what times you want and we will assign you a seat. Initially you will only be allowed one 2 hour block per day, but at the SDCC you can sign up for additional open times (if any) at the beginning of the day. We will be moving you around if you do more than one shift for the event so everybody gets time in different areas of the booth. I'd recommend bringing some kind of nameplate or sign for when you are set up. You will be expected to pack up and vacate your seat for the next artist at the end of your time block. Also please note your table area and don't bring so much stuff that you will spill over into another's area. We cannot store things overnight for you. We have plenty of blocks of time available, so I am sure those who want more than one shift a day will be able to get additional ones when the day comes.

As usual, Phil will process sales for you and the NCS will take a 10% cut to help with our booth expenses.

Please email me at (as opposed to just replying to this email) with any times you want to reserve at your earliest convenience, and I'll lock you into a spot.

Thanks for understanding about the more structured way of doing things. It will make the experience a lot more relaxed and should allow for more members to appear at the booth knowing they have a seat at the times they are scheduled.


Tom Richmond
President, National Cartoonists Society